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Objective-c programming make objects your subject. Learn

Objective-C Programming

Make objects your subject.

Learn Objective-C from developer/trainers who have years of experience helping other developers get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of the language and the libraries.

The Art of Object-Oriented Programming.

Even if you’re familiar with object-oriented programming concepts, Objective-C requires a whole new perspective. The flexibility provided by the Objective-C dynamic runtime system lets you be more creative in designing your software than ever before. So while it may take a little more thought, it takes a lot less code to get things done.

Our lab exercises are designed to give you plenty of hands-on practice with Objective-C to reinforce key concepts and help you gain proficiency fast. You’ll come away with a solid understanding of the essentials of Objective-C and Apple’s Foundation framework.


2 days.


This fast-paced, two-day intensive will get you off to a quick start coding in Objective-C. There’s plenty of lab time to allow you to learn by doing. And our exercises are designed to reinforce key concepts in a way that will help you gain proficiency fast. Between lecture sessions and hands-on labs you’ll get a first-hand introduction to fundamentals of the ANSI C programming language, and object-oriented programming with Objective-C classes, objects, methods, instance variables, messages, and more.

You’ll also get a peek under the hood, so you’ll come away with a more solid understanding of how Objective-C actually works under the covers. These insights will come in handy in a multitude of situations—whether you are trying to learn a new feature of Objective-C, unravel a gnarly problem in the debugger, or design a new component. Beyond that, you’ll also learn the best ways to take advantage of many of the powerful, built-in features of the Objective-C language, libraries, and frameworks.

  • Review key concepts of ANSI C programming such as pointers and data structures
  • Learn to create and use Objective-C objects and classes
  • Become familiar with Objective-C’s novel approach to object-oriented programming
  • Understand dynamic binding and the Objective-C runtime
  • Become familiar with Foundation framework classes and APIs

This course will prepare you to take our popular, five-day Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development .


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Learn from seasoned developers and teachers.

    Jonathan Lehr . Jonathan has over 20 years of experience developing apps in Objective-C and Java—including iOS apps for Cisco. the NIH and other About Objects customers—and has personally trained hundreds of iPhone and iPad developers. Matt Bezark . Matt is an Apple certified trainer with more than a decade’s experience developing Objective-C apps for the enterprise, and he previously taught Objective-C and Cocoa as a contractor at Apple . Rich Warren . Rich is an experienced iOS developer, speaker, and author. His writings include Creating iOS 5 Apps: Develop and Design (2011, Peachpit Press), and Objective-C Boot Camp: Foundations and Patterns for iOS Development (2011, Peachpit Press).

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