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1. General introduction to iphone programming

1. General Introduction to iPhone Programming

  • Objective-C Basics
  • OOPS concepts
  • Getting used to Xcode
  • Foundation Framework
  • The iPhone Frameworks
  • Objective-C Classes and Objects
  • The @interface and @implementation Compiler Directives
  • Clas and Method Declarations
  • Class and Instance Methods
  • Managing Memory Using Retain and Release.
  • Properties
  • Protocols
  • Categories
  • Posing

3. UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate

  • Handling Application Life Cycle Events
  • UIWindow, UIApplication, and UIApplicationDelegate

4. UIView and UIViewController

  • The UIView Class
  • The UIViewController Class
  • View-based Application Template
  • UINavigationController
  • Pushing and Popping
  • Try This: Building a Three-View Application Using a Navigation Bar

5. Controls & Basic UI Components

  • UIButton
  • Text Fields
  • Labels
  • Sliders
  • Progress
  • Switch
  • Web View
  • Image View
  • Segmented Control
  • Date picker
  • Picker
  • Alerts & Action Sheets
  • Page Controller

6. Basic NS Classes

  • NSString, NSObject
  • NSArray, NSMutable Array
  • NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary
  • Other etc important classes

7. Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewController

  • UITableView
  • UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource

8. UITabBar and UITabBarController

  • UITabBar, UITabBarController, UITabBarItem, and UITabBarControllerDelegate
  • Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar Application
  • Allowing Users to Customize a Tab Bar

9. XML Parsing & JSON Parsing

10. WebServices

  • Core Data in brief
  • Creating Core Data Model
  • Entites, Attributes, Relationships
  • Generating NSManaged Object
  • Adding Objects
  • Saving Changes
  • Fetching Entities
  • Deleting Entities
  • Creating DataBase using simple firefox SQLite Manager
  • SQL Database Manipulations
  • Opening the DataBase
  • Statements, Preparing Statements, executing statements
  • Select
  • Playing Sounds AVAudioPlayer, AVAudioPlayerDelegate
  • Media Player Framework MPMoviePlayer Controller

14. Advanced iPhone topics

  • Accelerometer
  • Creating Certificates, Profiles, running apps on devices
  • App store publishing process

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