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Hd video like all our tutorials, you can download

HD Video

Like all our tutorials, you can download the movies to your computer to watch anytime (an internet connection is not needed after downloading). After your purchase, we can also enroll you in the course on Udemy.com so you can stream the videos to your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.


iOS App Programming with Xcode and Cocos2d.

Your Instructor Made These.

Session Descriptions

    Video 1 – Setup a fighting game style project to work with Game Center. FREE, watch below. Video 2 – Intro to Game Center. In this 2 hour video we look at everything it takes to get your app setup for Game Center integration. We’ll talk about what needs to be done in iTunes Connect to setup an empty leaderboard and a new achievement goal for players. Then in Xcode we will create a singleton class to manage showing Leaderboards, Achievements, Friend Invites and everything else involved with authenticating local players. And of course the real action begins when we submit scores and new achievements (or percentages of achievements) to Game Center. We’ll also create NSUserDefault variables to store past scores or achievements just in case there’s an error reporting to either one, for example if someone lost internet connectivity.
    Video 1 – This video will introduce you to using Property Lists with Cocos2d (or any Xcode project). We’ll create a blank one to start, compare the file type in both Xcode and Text Edit, then begin pulling properties into our test app. Video 2 – In this second video, we will look at some practical uses of the Property List, for example, how they could be used to populate different levels, define image files, and other variables.

This course has been updated for the release of Cocos2d v2.1. The files are iOS 6 tested, and to date (Aug 2013) are running fine with Xcode 5 and iOS7.

Example Video

Below you can watch a sample from the course. After your purchase, you can download every video to your computer to watch anytime offline.

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