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Gw micro – app development training

GW Micro – App Development Training Classes

GW Micro is proud to offer hands-on, in-depth, instructional courses on the use, design and development of Window-Eyes apps. If you are new to Window-Eyes apps or a seasoned application scripting veteran (regardless of screen reader), if you are interested in providing fee-based screen reader customization services, or want to distribute your work in an open forum, then Window-Eyes App Development Training classes are for you.

GW Micro is also pleased to host Chip Orange’s comprehensive and informative Interactive Window-Eyes Scripting Class Archive. This resource is available for anyone who is interested in learning more about Window-Eyes scripting through a series of pre-recorded lectures with corresponding scripting examples.

The capabilities of Window-Eyes apps are only limited by your imagination. We will provide you with the tools and skills needed to harness the power and flexibility of Window-Eyes apps. You will learn the ins and outs of the most advanced scripting paradigm available in any screen reader on the market today. Investing in your knowledge of Window-Eyes apps and Window-Eyes App development is a great way to enhance your existing skill-set, allowing you to thrive in the adaptive technology industry.

Window-Eyes App Development Training classes are available in two different formats: Introductory and Advanced. The Introductory class gives anyone interested in screen readers and computer accessibility the opportunity to come and learn how to use, configure and develop simple yet powerful Window-Eyes Apps. A large focus is placed on the user’s perspective of Window-Eyes apps which includes instruction on how to find, download, configure and use Window-Eyes apps. In addition, the Introductory class also exposes attendees to many of the important technical concepts related to developing Window-Eyes apps including accessibility standards, testing applications for accessibility, Windows scripting technologies and object oriented programming. Before taking this class, students must already have a good working knowledge of Window-Eyes. It is highly recommended that you have taken a Window-Eyes training class within 12 months prior to taking the Introductory course to ensure your Window-Eyes skillset is up-to-date. The Advanced class requires students to have prior programming knowledge or to have taken the Introductory Window-Eyes App Development Training class. The Advanced course places a larger emphasis on the developer’s perspective and covers additional programming and technical concepts that are required to write more complex Window-Eyes Apps.

Window-Eyes App Development Training Class Policies

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