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The top 25 hottest mobile game developers

The Top 25 Hottest Mobile Game Developers (Infographic)

A Guide for Consumers and Brands

Gartner estimates the Mobile Game market will reach $11.4 billion by 2014.  That’s a big number.  Compare that the Video Game market revenue of $18.58 million and Movie Box office receipts of $10.16 billion for 2010.

Mobile Games will be an important market.  Further, as mobile devices become more ubiquitous (especially in emerging countries), we’ll see developers utilize the GPS, accelerometers, camera and directional compass features to surpass the abilities of video game console platforms.  That may disrupt the gaming market.

We’ll also see mobile tablets and portable gaming platforms usher in millions more mobile gamers thus fueling increased demand.

The infographic below exhibits the hottest mobile game developers in the business today.  They are creating the most discussions, the most engagement, and the most buzz.  (Note: Read below to understand the methodology for determining Buzz.)

The Top 25 Hottest Mobile Game Developers/Publishers

Click here for the Largest Size (Warning – it’s poster sized).

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