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Mobile Game Development

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Over past some years, the mobile game industry has witnessed a quiet revolution. While in the past playing games was considered as a casual activity, nowadays even large corporations use games for marketing their products and services. This seems a logical marketing decision, since a recent survey has revealed that more than 100 million people living in USA opt for mobile games. The survey further revealed that while 69 % and 21 % of Americans play games on smartphone and tablets respectively, 18 % play games on iPod Touch.

We, at Zealous System, firmly believe that game is not just an idea that is developed somehow. Rather, we strongly emphasize on the fact that a good quality game demands dedication and intense hard work. At Zealous System, while working on mobile game development project, we pay attention to several factors. More specifically, we ensure that gaming ideas developed by us are marketable, retain interest of the players, and also bring in profit to our clients. Our specialty lies in the fact that we pay attention to both content and practical aspects of a game, which in turn allows you to provide our clients with exceptional services.

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