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C programming training our experience

C Programming Training

Our experience with C dates back to the 1970s when our leading C trainer was pioneering deployment of Unix (the first operating system to be written in C) in the UK.

One of our C trainers, Mike Banahan, authored the popular C Book, which we have made available online.

Since then, our trainers have been using and teaching the language in some of the most demanding of environments, for example writing Unix device drivers for the bespoke systems in international investment banks and training their software developers to get the best out of the language.

Today all of our C trainers are also C practitioners, using C and other languages for development projects and day-to-day work (and practicing what we preach).

With that kind of foundation in the language and with our experience in technical training you would be right to expect the very best from one of our C courses.

Our off-the-shelf C courses are listed below, and we can also can develop bespoke courses in most aspects of the language for those with very particular needs. Please give our training advisors a call if you have such a requirement.

On-Site Courses (only delivered on customer site)

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