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We made their customers love their brands

We made their customers love their brands

Explosive Growth In App Industry

Just seven years ago the first iPhone was introduced and later on the Appstore. However, at this time, the world of mobile apps has revolutionized the market upending the mobile phones associated economy. Today, application development for mobile is a part of most of our daily lives and it makes our life easier.

Appostrophic, a prominent mobile app development company. indicates some data from past; In April 2009 there had been downloaded a million mobile application. 24 months later, the figure had reached 15 million mobile apps. Since then, it is estimated that the area of mobile app development created nearly half a million jobs worldwide (466,000 to be exact) and with them a new industry is emerging for users and workers.

A mobile application can be developed to fit for different industries and in different mobile platforms. The use of these applications is growing exponentially. According to the research conducted by Appostrophic, a pioneer in mobile app Development Company. in 2013 shows; over 5% of e- commerce worldwide is performed by means of a device or through mobile apps. It is estimated that by 2016, the amount of these transactions reach 7% of all digital sales, representing nearly 16 billion dollars. At the same time the appetite for consumer mobile application is on a runaway, and as a result, the demand for application development for mobile is increasing enormously.

All this we can do with Apple and Google app stores, for since the iPhone was launched 7 years ago, the two mobile app companies have managed to accumulate more than 40 billion mobile application downloads. Many of them are mobile apps for business. which means that a mobile app is even helpful in making your business strong. Some say that the growth is just beginning in this area of mobile app development and that the world of applications will see an increase from 47 billion downloads worldwide in 2014 to over 66 billion by 2016.

It is observed in 2013, that every single mobile app category has shown a remarkable growth since year start. Appostrophic, more specifically focused on the categories that are of high interest. The sales of iOS and Android mobile application development devices increased with 181 million units in U.S. However, the U.S mobile app market is still dominant as a global phenomenon. China represents a growth of 293 percent in activation of iOS and Android devices. The market for Android and iOS is strengthening among all other platforms; it took only 9 months for 1 billion iOS applications to be downloaded.

Definitely trends in the types of applications are modified according to our lifestyle and generate a new wave of mobile application development that will help that growth. Similarly, several companies will face the challenge of digitizing their content and offer to reach more consumers.

Mobile phone application development companies have a greater role to play in the changes pertaining to the digital world. Mobile phone application development companies are now focusing on the Asian market because of the abundance of opportunities. The Asian markets are not yet completely exposed to mobile phone application development. Mobile apps for businesses have now grown from being a luxury to a necessity. Mobil apps for businesses are not only a source of creating awareness, but also serve as a potential lead and sales generator. Mobile phone application development has recently captured the attention of many investors, and new companies have entered this market due to its potential for revenue generation and growth.

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